Grahics resources
Font resources
  • SFont a font library that uses a very simple format for storeing its fonts (eg. its easy to use sfont files in your own projects)
    • Bfontmaker A program that can turn an BMP image containing font images into a SFont file.
    • Fontbuilder a tiny (one source file) program for generating SFont files from ttf files. Stores the fonts in BMP format so no alpha channel/anti-aliasing information.
    • Sfontmaker takes a image containing the font letters an turns them into a sfont file. Based on Bfontmaker. Works with PNG files so it is possible to handle anti-aliasing.
  • Free fonts
    • Larabie Fonts Has a nice collection of free fonts, fonts with a flexible license, non Unicode but there are many styles to choose from.
  • cgtextures A rather large collection of free to use textures.