Developer sites

Currently I only know of one major "Nokia 770 development site"
See this tutorial for more info regarding the setup of the development environment

Short notes regarding the usage of the scratchbox development environment

Scratchbox and the "maemo SDK rootstrap" are quite large, becourse of this I put it on my data partition.
I did this by creating a symbolic link (using "ln -s /data/data/root/scratchbox/ /scratchbox" before I installed the Debian packages)

Starting the environment
cd to the location of "/" in your scratchbox.
run "./login" to "login" on the scratchbox.
Use "sbox-config -st target" to change between targets.

Starting the "emulation display"
Run "" to start the emulation "display". This requires that you have
"export DISPLAY=:2" to use the new display.
" start" and " stop" to start/stop the "emulator".
" application" to run an application inside the "emulator" without installing it first.