Groups of plastics, typically made using "Bisphenol A" and carbonate groups, very durable.
Tradenames include LEXAN®, MERLON®, MAKROLON® and PANLITE®
CDROM's are made of polycarbonate and hence are a possible source for small amounts of polycarbonate.


Lightweight plastic material.
  • EPP Expanded PolyPropylene, tougher than EPS, regains its form after being deformed, expensive/hard to get hold of in Denmark.
  • PP is used as the thin film of dielectric inside some types of capacitors.


Commonly used as a foamed material and it has many names.
  • Depron extruded polystyrene foam, available in thin sheets, easy to work with, can be cut using a sharp knife.
    Seems to be a brandname that covers both EPS and XPS, but only the XPS variant is used in models?
  • EPS Expanded PolyStyrene.
  • Pink/Blue foam extruded Polystyrene, denser and more durable than EPS, once got a sheet (10cm thick) at a store called "Silvan", haven't seen any for a while here in Denmark.
    Also called FLOORMATE. Appears to have many names
  • Styrofoam Dow Chemical Co. trademarked form of polystyrene foam (EPS).
  • Wita wrap clear film material used to wrap food in.
  • XPS eXtruded PolyStyrene.