The BTE13-010 is an cheap Arduino Pro Mini 328 clone that is made by Baite.
It is available from different sites among others

The board consists of:
  • ATMEGA328P-MU micro controller
  • 5V regulator circuit, assumed to be max. 100mA with a 7-12V supply
  • 16 MHz crystal
  • Power LED
  • GPIO controlled LED on PB5
  • Reset button and circuit
Compared to the Minimus32 this board has Analog to Digital Converters and I2C bus hardware but it lacks an UBS interface.
Pin out
The BTE13-010 does not exactly match the current Arduino Pro Mini 328 generation with regard to pin location.
(The BTE14-02 seems to be a closer clone in this regard (but still misses the I2C pull up option))

Anyway since my brain hurts when trying to decode Arduino pin out numbering compared to datasheet names I decided that I would create the pin out image below:

The pin out is base on the following partial retrace of the PCB tracks:
pinout with overlay