PIC programming hardware
I have't made the schematic nor the PCB layout.
I found them at http://www.nomad.ee/PIC/ and converted the images to PNG and the PCB layout to PDF for easy printing.

Click the images below to get the full size versions.
PCB silk
The original archive

PIC In Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP) header
I have tried to find the Microchip standard pin-out of the ICSP header.
I once thought that I had found it, but then I discovered that RB7 and RB6 had in fact been swapped.
This was based upon AN910 and AN656 from Microchip.

As a result I have decided to stick with the Aminova anti standard.
Aminova is a company that I used to work for, the pin-out is sort of random and don't support "Low Voltage Programming".
The programmer and board needs to be self powered, and you have to isolate the pins on the PIC for ICSP operation.
The connector is a 4 pin Molex KK header.

Pin numberPIC pin