The Bilka airplane (retired)
Bilka airplane Technically its a "Marchand F-360 Aeroplane New Edition", however I would suspect that this toy is imported under many different names in different countries.
I brought mine in a shop called Bilka, hence its nickname.

It's a twin motor airplane without any rudder surfaces, it's controlled by a crude 2 channel radio capable of generating the following 5 commands (no throttle, low throttle, hi throttle, go left and go right) and NO they cannot be combined like "go left at high throttle".
Min is the "red edition" and therefor uses 27.145MHz for its remote.

Maneuvering is achieved like you would in a jumbo jet with all its rudder controls dead. Speedup to clime, slowdown to decent and let the engines run at different speeds to turn.
This is of course less than ideal (I'm sure that's why they install rudders i real airplanes), however the airplane is actually surprisingly maneuverable . That said I would be lying if I said that I wasn't missing an elevator rudder each time I fly the airplane.
At around 300-400 kr I would however consider it a quite decent airplane. Its only intended to fly in calm weather, but its actually quite fun to fly i "high" winds. Allot more challenging but you must be prepared to repair the airplane, not that it's particular fragile.

Specs. and more

The airplane comes almost ready to fly (8 AA batteries are missing for the remote).
Without the undercarriage (it fell off at some point during the first flight) and with some slight modifications that should't change the weight much it has a flying weight of 374g.
Included with the airplane is a 7.2V battery-pack made of 6 600mAh 2/3 size AA NiMH batteries. The pack by the way weighs 80g.
The airplane also comes with a "dumb" 7.2V 250mA charger. Dumb because it just keeps charging the pack, best way to prevent overcharging the pack is by determining when the pack starts to get hot and then stop. Not the best charger but hey a good charger easily costs as much as I paid for the airplane including all parts.
Bilka airplane battery

Here are some static thrust messurements:
Low throttle135g
High throttle171g

This is actually slightly more that what I had expected.

Btw. there is a rather large power resistor in the receiver.
This might indicate that the rather crude receiver/motor-controller actually uses the same amount power no matter how much thrust the motors produces.
If this is the case (I'm almost positive it is), then you are going to get longer flights if you pulses the plane on high throttle instead of using low throttle continues.