My second model, I build this one as it looked quite fun and agile and was easy to repair. The repair bit was quite important, as it was my backup plane when Uno was has grounded due to "maintenance".

The plane is constructed from a free flying EPP glider.
The club member that first build this this plane did so from the the plan found here.
He in turn published an article about the plane modifications in the danish rc magazine Modelflyvenyt

spped 320 The motor is suspected to be similar to a Graupner speed 320
If memory serves me, the static current is 2.5A with a static thrust of approximately 100g. The current could be larger but is limited by the overloaded batteries.
This is a good thing? as the motor gets quite hot when running wrapped in foam.

Flight time is approximately 10 to 15 minutes, the batteries do get warm but not as hot as the motor.
As I had problems with the props falling off, I have stopped using the original Gunther "spinner/hub" and now uses a aluminium hub.
The prop problem is probably caused by the prob brushing against the ground due to the belly landings, no amount of glue seemed to fix the issue.

Motor: "Bilka plane" motor, with a Gunther 125x110 prop
Battery: 2x 630mAh Li-ION cells (supposed to be used in a cellphone battery)
Wingspan: 55cm.
Takeoff weight: 124g