Pibros I had no delta ving, so I had to build one...
Once again I cheated and used a plan from the Internet.

Construction has simple, mostly just a lot Depron triangles glued together.
The motor is the same cheap brushless as used in Uno MK IV and V.
The battery is a somewhat heftier 2100 mAh pack, it was originally intended to be used in MK V but i forgot to make the body slightly larger than MK IV so there were no room for it.
As the dark winter period was just around the corner I decided to install some lights inside the wing.
I can only recommend this, looks cool and extends the flyable hours.
With the huge 2100 mAh pack flying times of 30-35 minutes are possible, that said its normally more fun to take a short break after 25 minutes and change to a fully charged pack.

Motor: BM2410-09 brushless motor , with a GWS EP-1047 prop
Battery: 2x 2100mAh LiPo cells
Wingspan: 80cm.
Takeoff weight: 320g