HoneyBee King 2

A size 350 helicopter that according to the manufactures weighs 470g.
My own weight said 474g, but still below 500g that allows me to fly it indoors.
Which is good as it is intended to replace my "Twister V2", which is primarily an indoor helicopter.
Unlike the "Twister V2" it is a 6 channel collective pitch helicopter with belt driven tail.
It is also heavy enough to serve as a backup outdoor helicopter if my "Blade 400" should encounter "technical problems". This is especially true if I use heavier batteries than the stock 1000mAh pack.

First the reviews on the internet said that the stock motor runs very hot. I can confirm this finding, I have not melted anything but it get really hot.
I also noted some sparks coming from the motor, probably caused by a uninsulated wire running close by the can of the motor. I bend it slightly have not observed the problem since.
I will upgrade the motor, but unless it fails really fast I believe that upgrading the gyro to a "head hold" variant is more important.

After exchanging the gyro and receiver it weighs 472g.
The gyro for a Esky EK2-0704B. A cheap head hold gyro but it actually seems to hold the tail quite nicely.
And the receiver for Spectrum AR6200. I do not know if the stock RX/TX combo is any good or bad I just wanted the helicopter to fly using my favourite transmitter.